At Mercury Auto we have one of the largest selections of diagnostic scanning equipment throughout London.


Performance Remap Ealing

For a quality performance remap Ealing head to Mercury Auto Repairs! Performance remapping is the process of altering your vehicle’s ECU program to increase performance. The Engine Control Unit, known as the ECU, is akin to a computer and controls certain aspects of your car. With a little tweaking, we can improve certain aspects of your vehicle such as fuel consumption to ultimately increase the power of your vehicle.

Our expert technicians will efficiently and effectively give you the best performance remap Ealing has to offer! Call us today or come see us and start getting the most of our your vehicle!


Economy Remap Ealing

If performance isn’t your thing, remapping can also boost the economic performance of your car. A economy remap uses the same principles of modifying your vehicles ECU system but this time to maximise the economic performance of your car and not the power.

Modifying values such as fuel consumption and power to the engine can considerably increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Start saving money today and come on down to get your Economy Remap Ealing at Mercury Auto Repairs.


DPF Servicing Ealing

Mercury Auto Repairs offer quality, quick and affordable DPF Servicing in Ealing. Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) serves as the filter for all of the harmful emissions a diesel engine emits. It’s a legal requirement to have a fully working DPF and you can be fined for not having one or having a faulty one.

Due to the nature of it filtering out the harmful chemicals, it can quite often get dirty or breakdown. We offer quick and easy DPF servicing at Mercury Auto Repairs. Simply come in and we will give it a full service and clean ready for you in no time at all.