At Mercury Auto we have one of the largest selections of diagnostic scanning equipment throughout London.


Performance Remap Hayes

Mercury Auto Repairs can offer you fantastic service with affordable prices on their performance rempan Hayes based services! For the best prices and the most efficient and effective services come to Mercury Auto Repairs today.


A performance remap can increase the power of your car by 110%. By editing and changing some of the parameters on your electrical control unit, the ECU, we can alter the characteristics of your car and increase key elements to increase the performance of your car.


Economy Remap Hayes

We also offer a economy remap Hayes based service, which follows the same procedure as a performance remap in that we edit the ECU parameters, but this time we optimize them for efficiency and increase the economic performance of your vehicle.


This means you can save on fuel, save on harmful emissions and increase the longevity of your vehicle! Call us today or pop in to get your car remapped today. It’s a quick and efficient procedure that will not damage or alter the body or engine of your vehicle.


DPF Servicing Hayes

Is your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) properly working, clean and serviced? A faulty DPF can now fail you on an MoT as well as being a legal requirement to have a working one in all diesel vehicles! Our DPF Servicing Hayes based service can save you time and money in the long run by getting it done today.


A DPF will filter all the harmful emissions from your diesel engine. It collects the soot and because of this it can get very dirty very quick, which causes it to malfunction. A quick and hassle free servicing done by Mercury Auto Repairs can alleviate this and give you peace of mind that it’s working.