At Mercury Auto we have one of the largest selections of diagnostic scanning equipment throughout London.


Performance Remap Heathrow

Remapping is the process of altering and changing the parameters of your vehicle’s internal ECU program to alter certain characteristics about your car. A performance remap can increase your vehicle’s power of up to 110% your original power. For a performance remap Heathrow or the surrounding areas, Mercury Auto Repairs will offer you the best service at affordable prices.


Whether you’re remapping to increase the power or torque out of your vehicle, or just to simply get your vehicle performing at it’s true capacity, than Mercury Auto Repairs are for you. Our performance remap Heathrow based services can make your car reach its true potential!


Economy Remap Heathrow

If maximising your car performance isn’t for you, then don’t worry, as we can do an economy remap on your car instead. By editing certain parameters on your ECU we can improve engine efficiency on your car and reduce fuel consumption considerably.


For our economy remap heathrow based services, simply call us today for a hassle free consultation or come down to the shop to talk to us directly, the earlier you get it done the more you save!


DPF Servicing Heathrow

In need of the best DPF Servicing Heathrow has to offer?! At mercury auto repairs we offer hassle free no strings attached DPF servicing. If you own a diesel vehicle, then you need regular DPF servicing to avoid soot build-up and increased emissions of harmful chemicals into the environment.


It’s a legal requirement to have a full working Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF ) so you need to be careful and always make sure your DPF is fully working. Here at Mercury Auto Repairs, we’ll look at your DPF and give you an honest assessment, and if it needs servicing we are happy to do that for you and give it a full service and clean. Just talk to one of our professionals today to get yours sorted!