At Mercury Auto we have one of the largest selections of diagnostic scanning equipment throughout London.


Performance Remap Southall

In need of a performance remap southall or maybe an economy remap southall? Remapping is the process of altering certain parameters on your vehicles ECU to improve certain characteristics of your vehicle. The ECU – electrical control unit – is like the computer inside your car that controls certain aspects of it, like engine power and fuel consumption.


With a few tweaks we can improve the performance of your vehicle without having to touch the engine or body! Our experts will edit the parameters of your vehicle such as fuel consumption and increase the performance of your vehicle, your power could increase by 110% with a performance remap courtesy of Mercury Auto Repairs.


Economy Remap Southall

If performance isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we can perform an economy remap on your vehicle instead to increase the economic performance of it. We’ll change certain parameters on your ECU and because of this you can save money through fuel consumption and increase the efficiency of your car or van!


For the best priced economy remap Southall has to offer head to Mercury Auto Repairs today. Simply call us or drop on by and start making the most of your vehicle today!


DPF Servicing Southall

Do you own a diesel car? Did you know it’s a legal requirement to have a properly working and serviced Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in your vehicle? The DPF will filter out all the harmful emissions and collect all the chemicals and soot to keep your emissions low. It’s now a legal requirement to have a properly working one and we will help you by giving you a full service and clean on your DPF!


For your DPF Servicing Southall just head on down to Mercury Auto Repairs today, it doesn’t take long and we offer quick service with very affordable prices. Just call us or pop in today to get yours done and get your peace of mind!